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Järviwiki (alias Lakewiki) is a web service which is built and maintained in cooperation by authorities and common people. In Järviwiki there is basic information on each Finnish lake over 1 ha in extent and tools for sharing ie. observations and pictures.

Järviwiki was announced in Finnish in March 2011 and in English and Swedish in January 2012. More information on differences between the different language versions and on how to produce multilingual content can be found on the Multilanguage policy -page.

Järviwiki was created with the aim of sharing information on Finland's lakes, to raise awareness and promote the protection of our waters. The idea is to do this together, with a positive attitude and non-judgementally.

Founders and maintenance

Järviwiki was founded and is maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). Additional content has been provided by the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute and the YLE media archives (Elävä arkisto).

The development of Järviwiki has been sponsored by Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry. (the Land and Water Technology Foundation). Additional funding is provided by the EU Life+ fund, as part of the algae forecasting and control project GisBloom.


In Järviwiki, each lake of over 1 ha has its own page, as does each drainage basin, region, municipality, ELY centre and river basin district. Certain basic information on these pages has been copied from authority databases and cannot be modified. Otherwise, the contents are user-editable and contributions are welcome.

You are free to add your own places of observation, photographs and event information. In addition, Järviwiki can be used for sharing information and documentation on lake restoration projects.

Järviwiki is not pre-moderated, which means that all user edits are published immediately without verification. Therefore, please note that some of the information on these pages may contain errors. The publishers of Järviwiki assume no liability for the correctness of the data. Contributors are personally responsible for the legal conformity of their entries.

How can I participate?

You can participate in Järviwiki by, for example, adding detailed information on your local lake, entering your own observations and uploading photos or videos. Please see the Help-section for more instructions.

Each info page includes a Discussion tab for exchanging opinions on that specific topic with other users. Järviwiki's general discussion forum, the Village pump, is located in the Interaction section.

To create and edit pages or participate in discussions, you must first register and log in. A valid e-mail address is required for registering.

By entering information, you agree to comply with the Järviwiki Terms of use, which were drafted to ensure the high quality and objectivity of the published content. Failure to comply with these terms may result in discontinuation of the user account.


Järviwiki is running on Mediawiki open source software with the Semantic Mediawiki extension.

All software and extensions in use are listed on the Special:Version -page.