Pielavesi (14.741.1.001)

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Pielavesi is a large lake in the Kymijoki (14) main catchment area. It is located in the region: Pohjois-Savon maakunta. It belongs to the environmental responsibility area of the Pohjois-Savon ELY Centre.

The lake

Name: Pielavesi
Lake code: 14.741.1.001
Catchment area: Pielaveden lähialue (14.741)
Main catchment area: Kymijoki (14)

Basic information

Surface area: 11 009.8 ha
Mean depth:
Shoreline: 419.71 km
Elevation: 102.3 m

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Hydrological forecasts

Fish atlas:
Ahven, Hauki, Härkäsimppu, Jokirapu, Kuore, Muikku and Säyne (kala)

In more detail: Pm kala1 21x21.png

User observations:
There are no user observations regarding fish from this lake


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63° 17' 52.8", 26° 35' 17.52"

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